GALERIE the brand's mission is to provide novel canvases for local artists to showcase their work.  We are currently showcasing a collection of fine wines featuring the work of local artists on our Volume 01 labels.

Our Story

Ashley Chandler and Emily Davies were born and raised in the Lower Mainland, but they met in the summer of 2023 in Austin, TX attending the Vancouver Takeover of SXSW hosted by Frontier Collective.  Emily and Ashley became fast friends after acknowledging their mutual passion for community and collaboration and a shared love of art.  They planted the seed of doing something together an hour into meeting, and over a shared glass of wine back in Vancouver decided to make it happen.  

Vancouver has a vibrant arts community that brings the city to life.  There are hundreds of artists’ studios throughout and murals displayed on many street corners.  However, the unfortunate reality is that some artists achieve more exposure than others.  This is why Emily and Ashley created GALERIE.  At its core, GALERIE the brand’s mission is to provide new canvases for local artists to showcase their work.  GALERIE the brand entered the market in the form of wine, as art and wine go hand in hand - a pairing of exquisite taste.  So today, GALERIE is a collection of fine wines showcasing local artists on its labels.  Each Volume features the work of different artists and the artwork is one-of-a-kind. 

As two individuals passionate about community and collaboration, with a shared goal of providing exposure to as many artists as possible, Emily and Ashley are welcoming partnerships including working with other brands who want to incorporate art into their offering.